15 04, 2016

The Fishing For Your Future Challenge

I want to invite you all to a simple challenge that I think could have a big impact. As we all know, to produce a change or accomplish something new in our life takes time. Why? To affect change requires us to move our bodies through time and space—the components of 3-dimensional experiences. As an example, if you’re looking for a new job you have to search job sites, send out resumes, go on interviews, and wait for an answer. If you want a partner you might have to go on a dating site and look through profiles, then go [...]

2 04, 2016

How do you motivate motivation?

It’s no great secret that thinking about motivation doesn’t actually produce motivation. This was recently illustrated in a study published in the journal Neuron. In the study, researchers placed 73 people into an fMRI (functional magnetic resonance imagery). Unlike older EEG technology (electroencephalography) used to detect electrical activity, fMRIs can actually pinpoint parts of the brain that are activated in specific tasks; in this case they focused on the ventral tegmental area—the part of the brain responsible for motivation. Once placed in the fMRI, researchers asked participants to motivate themselves. If successful, the fMRI would light up the corresponding area [...]

18 03, 2016

Getting Clear On Your Vision

People often tell me they can’t get clear on what they want. What I tell them is that they’re making it too hard. The process of creating a new vision of the future is something each of us does all the time. How? Because we live in a world of polarities and dualities, when we experience lack, stress, or traumatic situations, naturally we begin to dream about what we want based on what we don’t have. As an example, if you have a job you dislike, you observe what you don't like (past) about your current and previous jobs and [...]

4 03, 2016

Firing Up The Networks and Stepping Up the Game

Close your eyes for a moment and imagine a map of the world from outer space. As nightfall rolls across the hemispheres opposite the sun, light begins to emanate from cities scattered across the globe. Eventually these city lights bleed out to reveal greater metropolitan areas. These clusters of light then connect to other clusters of light via smaller cities and highways, eventually forming a network of illumination across the continent. By any chance does this network look at all familiar? Maybe…perhaps… similar to the neural connections in our brains? This firing up of networks is exactly what we just [...]

22 02, 2016

The Placebo Goes Mainstream

Whereas once heavy opiates like OxyContin and Vicodin were reserved for extreme pain or cancer, they’re becoming more commonly prescribed for arthritis and other conditions. Every year this results in thousands of emergency room deaths. While efforts to regulate and clamp down on abuse are being made, it won’t make a dent in the demand unless we find a new treatment. Enter the placebo. Whether it’s receiving fake acupuncture treatments to relieve the symptoms of menopause or ingesting sugar pills to run faster, it’s becoming evermore difficult to deny the power of the placebo. We’ve been saying this all along, [...]

5 02, 2016

Finding Love in the Field

In our most recent teleclass, we heard from two students who met at one of our workshops and eventually fell in love. It wasn’t love at first sight for either of them, however. Rather, what eventually brought them together was patience, knowing, attraction, determination, and surrender. One of the most common things people want to attract into their life through this work is a partner. But whether we’re trying to attract a person, a place, or a thing, we’re still operating within the same system of truth. Let’s review this system. No matter what we are trying to attract or [...]

22 01, 2016

Part II. Aligning Your Environments To Tomorrow’s You

(To read Part I, A New Year and a New You: An Inspiring and Expiring View of Our Environments, click here.)   In today’s modern world, we’ve been seduced into believing it’s our outer world that influences our inner world of thoughts and feelings. What we tend to forget, however, is that our inner world of thoughts and feelings can actually produce an effect on our outer world. Unfortunately we’ve been sold the idea that when we finally get what we want—the job, the partner, the home, etc.— we’ll finally be happy. As we all know, the problem with finding [...]

8 01, 2016

A New Year and a New You: An Inspiring and Expiring View of Our Environments

(To read Part II, Aligning Your Environments To Tomorrow’s You, click here.) A friend of mine recently said to me she wanted to start a gym called Resolutions—for the first two weeks of the year it’s a gym; the rest of the year it’s a bar. Yes, it’s that time of year again; the holiday trimmings are coming down, we’re make resolutions, creating goals, and promising ourselves that this time it will be different…this time we’re really going to make change stick. But like Resolutions, the workout-bar, within two weeks we’ve fallen back into old, familiar habits—habits that are as [...]

22 12, 2015

Pulling the Mind Out of December’s Body

As fall surrenders to winter, if you're a certain degree of latitude north of the equator, you may be wearing a scarf or gloves and cinching your jacket a bit tighter. You may also notice a nostalgic chill accompanying the late December air. Combine that with decreased sunlight and multiply it by the holidays and family, and chances are you’re destined for a state of introspection. During winter’s inward gaze, as the season’s darkness breeds contemplation and reflection, we tend to harken our awareness to the past for hints of the future (that is if you believe in linear time [...]

12 12, 2015

Playing in the Field

In Chicago this summer, the band the Grateful Dead celebrated their 50th anniversary with three sold out concerts at Soldier Field Stadium. Love’em, hate’em, or don’t understand’em, it’s a commendable achievement of longevity, devotion, practice, and fruition. One of the band’s popular songs was called Playing In the Band. Famous for their improvisational jams, the Grateful Dead’s studio version released in 1971 ran 4:37, yet when played live, the band could extend the song from 15-30 minutes—and sometimes even longer. Like most songs, or even art for that matter, creation begins with structure. Let’s say for argument’s sake a song [...]