12 06, 2017

An Invitation to watch the new documentary HEAL

In Western medicine, when we visit a doctor with a health issue, we usually see a generalist or a specialist. Sometimes it feels like a cattle call, and if we’re lucky we get a few minutes with a doctor to explain why we’re feeling sick or imbalanced. The problem with this approach, however, is that it generally treats the symptom and not the cause—and a symptom is not a human. Humans are comprised of complex relations between cells, tissues, organs, and systems of the body, all of which communicate physically, emotionally, genetically, energetically, and so on. That’s why when it [...]

19 01, 2015

Award Winning Independent Film from Bucharest Romania Launches in US: Tour Begins in Sedona Arizona, March 5, 2015

(1888PressRelease) THE AMAZING YOU allows the mind of man to expand beyond its frontiers, and humanity itself to travel beyond our world, to shatter the paradigms of our limits as human beings and to build our vision for a great future. And now, this information can be yours. Once you set foot on this breathtaking journey of exploration, you will never go back. Award Winning Independent Film will launch in the US from Bucharest, Romania in Sedona Arizona, March 5th. Beginning a US Tour at the Self-Empowered Wisdom Retreat Weekend featuring Dr. Joe Dispenza and Gregg Braden, Producer and space [...]

11 12, 2014

Trailer From New Documentary: “Your Life, Your Creation” Featuring Dr. Joe

This is a trailer for new Spanish Documentary from Jorge Patrono soon to be released. The Documentary is about science and spirituality applied to our daily life, featuring 30 experts from all over the world, including Dr Bruce Lipton, Marianne Williamson, Laura Silva, Gregg Braden, Dr Jorge Carvajal, Enric Corbera, Don Miguel Ruiz and many more. Stay tuned for more information.