6 07, 2018

Let Your Past Life be a Past Life


I’ve learned that one of the main reasons people talk poorly about their past is because their present life isn’t working. For most people, living in the safety and comfort of the known past is a lot safer than stepping out into the unknown future. Living in the past also validates all of the traumas and betrayals we’ve had in our life, not to mention it makes for a great excuse why we haven’t been able to change. What most people don’t realize, however, is that when we excuse ourselves for someone or something, we give away our power to [...]

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22 06, 2018

Coming Home: Tips for Integrating Your New Personality Into Your Old Personal Reality


So many people tell me that the hardest part of going to an event is leaving it. The reason why is because when you return to your everyday life, that’s when the real work begins... the work being the process of integrating your new personality into your old past-present personal reality. With that said, here are some practical tips on how to do just that—although, these tips apply to any time when you want to make real, lasting changes in your life. Most importantly, do the work and do it every day. Don’t make excuses to not do the work. If [...]

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31 03, 2018

The Habit of Your New Self


In order for us to create something new in our lives, we have to leave behind a portion of the known and familiar. This includes familiar thoughts, behaviors, emotions, and sometimes even relationships. For most people, leaving behind the illusory security of the known and stepping into the unknown can be a terrifying place. This is why change is so hard. It’s also why it’s so important to make your meditation practice a part of your daily routine. In teaching this work all over the world, I often times find people forgetting the reason why we put so much effort [...]

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2 03, 2018

Processing A Biological Upgrade


At two of our most recent weeklong events—but especially in Santa Fe—upon leaving the workshop many people experienced flu like symptoms ranging from sinus congestion and mucus to body aches, soreness, fevers, coughs, and malaise. Some took antibiotics or drugs, while others went to see a doctor or visited the emergency room. Although the doctors couldn’t diagnose the conditions, for many of our students the doctors confirmed it wasn’t the flu or bacterial. So the next question is: What were people experiencing after the Advanced Workshop? The answer is a change in body frequency. The inner workings of cells are [...]

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22 12, 2017

Three Simple Steps to Start the New Year


The end of the calendar year represents the completion of one cycle and the start of another. It’s a time to let go of the past and to free ourselves from that which no longer serves our highest good. To do this, we need to first change our energy, because when we change our energy, we change our lives. As one cycle draws to a close and another begins, here are three simple steps you can take to change your energy and your life. Forgive the past. When beginning a new cycle, forgiveness is especially important. When we forgive, we [...]

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8 12, 2017

The Unknown Will Never Let You Down: Part II


When it comes to stepping into the unknown, intellectualizing a process or problem won’t cut it. In fact, I often find it’s the people who perform this kind of incessant analysis who feel the most fear and insecurity when confronted with the unknown. The reason is because they’re constantly analyzing themselves, their actions, and their place in the world within the emotions of fear, lack, insecurity, or unworthiness. If they instead understood that all these feelings are an emotional record of the past, they would understand that the very act of overanalyzing and overthinking means they’re looking for a solution [...]

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22 11, 2017

The Unknown Will Never Let You Down: Part I.


Everywhere I teach in the world, many people tell me they want to experience the unknown, yet when push comes to shove they want it on their own terms. Here’s the catch—if something comes to you on your own terms, then it’s not an unknown. It’s a predictable known. So, what does it mean to step into the unknown? Everything we create begins with an internal idea, thought, concept, or image, whether it’s health, wealth, a relationship, buying a home, writing a book, composing a song, and so on. For some people, however, when external circumstances (such as serendipity, coincidences, [...]

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9 07, 2017

The Pugilist and the Ego


Even thus by the great sages 'tis confessed The phoenix dies, and then is born again, When it approaches its five-hundredth year; - Dante, Inferno, Canto XXIV   According to Egyptian mythology, every 500 years the Phoenix self-immolates, meaning—it voluntarily lights itself on fire so that it may be reborn as a greater expression of itself. It’s for this reason why I chose the symbol of the Phoenix for our back-to-back June Advanced Workshops in Cancun, Mexico, and for this reason why I named the event “Transformation of Matter.” I wanted our students to focus on completely burning away the things [...]

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11 11, 2016

How To Become That Which We Are Seeking


“Genius is a crisis that joins the buried self, for certain moments, to our daily mind.” ­William Butler Yeats The 13th Century mystic Saint Francis of Assisi claimed we are that which we are seeking. For the last two weeks, at two back-to-back Advanced Workshop in Cancun, Mexico, I witnessed more than a thousand of our genius students do exactly that—they became their future. Do you ever wonder why I always call our students geniuses? Because in the original sense of the word, genius means attendant spirit—being in the care of something unseen but near. In this case, that unseen [...]

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28 10, 2016

Leaving the Nest


We are all creative geniuses. You may not think of yourself as creative in the traditional sense, but every day you make a choice—consciously or unconsciously—you’re creating your life and the experiences that fill it. While many of these choices are based on familiar past experiences, when we sit down to meditate, our intention is to create a novel future. Often times, however, when we’re trying to create something new in our life or solve a creative conundrum, we find ourselves coming up against the same walls and obstacles, and no matter what we do, we can’t seem to circumvent [...]

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