Healing Self Testimonials

Njemile's Testimonial

Njemile explains how she started to develop very heavy bleeding during her periods which ultimately became life threatening.
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Lucie's Testimonial

Lucie describes how her doctors discovered a cancerous condition in her cervix and recommended immediate surgery.
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Lee's Testimonial

Lee speaks about how after repeatedly doing the "Blessing of the Energy Centers" meditation, that her body healed allowing her to no longer have to take medicine for her Thyroid.
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Justin's Testimonial

Justin cures himself of symptoms of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) as well as scaring from a Hernia surgery.
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Jeannie's Testimonial

Jeannie speaks about how she had been reliant for many years on anti-depressants and decided after learning Dr. Joe's meditations to stop "cold turkey". She has been depression free ever since.
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Claudia's Testimonial

Claudia creates her own Placebo. After suffering for years from pain caused in a boating accident as a child, Claudia sought to find a Chiropractor in the United States who could help her.
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Bradley's Testimonial

Bradley speaks about having been diagnosed with an incurable and progressive degenerative disease. However, since gaining more knowledge from Dr. Joe's work and applying that knowledge in his own life, Bradley has found an inner resource of great strength and optimism.
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Denise's Testimonial

Denise describes how a flare-up of Lupus, completely disappeared, without medication after the first full day of meditations at the Advanced Workshop at the Carefree Resort in Arizona in April/May 2015.
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Henry's Testimonial

Henry describes having a mystical healing experience at the Advanced Workshop at the Carefree Resort in April/May 2015.
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Jane's Testimonial

Jane speaks about healing two conditions in her body. The first healing occurred shortly after the Advanced Workshop in Cancun Mexico in July 2014.
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Lucia's Testimonial

Lucia talks about her experience with a recurring breast cancer and how she amazed her doctors with how her body responded to the standard treatments.
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Gudalupe's Testimonial

Guadalupe explains her journey with breast cancer and how Dr. Joe's teachings helped her to face her challenges with optimism.
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Elizabeth's Testimonial

The power in understanding the mind/body connection leads to freedom! Elizabeth speaks about overcoming an old thought pattern that would lead to a serious bladder and then kidney infection.
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Suzie's Testimonial

Susie talks about being diagnosed with Hashimoto's disease after experiencing some oppressive relationships in her life. After finding Dr. Joe's work and dedicating herself to a regular and uncompromising routine of meditation practice, that she is now completely healed and healthy.
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Anouk's Testimonial

A remarkable story of healing by a woman with multiple health conditions, (including esophagus cancer,) triggered by the suicide of her husband in 2007. See Aunouk's testimonial video in her native Dutch or click the "read more" link below for English.
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Todd's Testimonial

Todd, a veteran of two wars speaks about how he was able to regain his life again after being diagnosed with and suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.
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Sally and Michael's Testimonial

Both Sally and Michael attended Dr. Joe's Advanced Retreat in Colorado in July of 2013. Sally speaks about her work with Dr. Joe in healing a condition of bone loss for which she is now totally healed. ... read more

Rose's Testimonial - Recovery from complete Paralysis

Rose describes how a car accident left her paralyzed. Learn how she managed to recover from a condition in which the only part of her body that she could move
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