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Deb S. Shares Her Mind Movie Story

When I first learned about Dr. Joe's gift to us of the Mind Movies, I was originally intrigued. Then, as time went on and I received the first email from Natalie with my log in information, this changed--I became anxious, scared and intimidated. Not due to the fear of the mechanics of it or using the software, but because somewhere inside of me, I knew that it would be powerful to capture my wants, my dreams, my desires—in any format. It was as if it was the last missing piece to all the work that I have been doing on this wonderful journey

With the date of the workshop rapidly approaching and my procrastination at an all time high, I finally forced myself onward. As an art director, I approached this as any job—I started with some phrases, photos and created a storyboard. As I began to upload my photos and as my Mind Movie took form, something overcame me. I felt like Francois Truffaut! I was creating a new world for myself, filled with creativity, adventure and joy. The music I chose magically crescendoed and ended at the exact right moments. I was finally done with my masterpiece!

Fast forward to 8 am in Carefree, the first morning prior to the event. I am now hooked up and ready for my first brain map. A friend had told me to have my earphones with me and some music, and so I did. 4 minutes as a baseline and 4 minutes in meditation. I was taken away to another place and time! On my way out, I ran into Dr. Fannin and he asked me where I went during my meditation. I looked at him, touched his arm and said with total amazement, "I was in my Mind Movie!" He replied that they saw that, and asked me if I minded if he used my brain map for his final presentation!

I have since created another Mind Movie and have added viewing them to my daily practice. Magic is happening! I see, hear and feel where I am heading. Just like the JayZ quote in my Mind Movie says, "I want to live my life Colossal"--I am on my way! Deb S.

Dr. Joe's Mind Movie - Cancun 2014
Paula's Awesome! Mind Movie
Paula's Perfect Vision
Paula's Begins The Journey Movie
Dr. Joe's Mind Movie - Carefree 2014
Dr. Joe's Mind Movie - Carefree 2015
Rhadell's Mind Movie

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