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We have many Facebook users and groups from around the world. Here is a current list of Dr. Joe's Facebook pages and groups with information on how to join. (If you have a Facebook group in your community or would like to suggest a Facebook page that is dedicated to the students, please contact us.)



This is Dr. Joe's official Facebook Page. You will find news related to Dr. Joe as well as interesting daily articles on related subjects.

Dr. Joe Dispenza's Students
This is a group for people who have attended one of Dr. Joe's events in the past or who are interested in his work (have read his books, studied his Making Your Mind Matter Online Course, watched his videos or heard him interviewed etc.) If you would like to join the group please visit the page and click "Join Group." This is a closed group and you will need to be approved by our staff.

Dr. Joe Advanced Attendees

This is a group ONLY for people that have attended one of Dr. Joe's Advanced Workshops in the past. If you qualify to join the group by having previously attended an Advanced Workshop then you can join the group in one of two ways:

1. If you have a friend who is already a member of this group, you may ask them to invite you to join.
2. If you do not know any person who is associated with this group, you may find our gateway page by searching on either events@drjoedispenza.com or the term "Encephalon Dispenza" and make a friend request to that page. (Please note: You may encounter delays with joining if you opt for this method.)

IMPORTANT: Our staff will check that you have previously attended an Advanced Workshop before being admitted to this group. If your Facebook name does not match the name that we have in our system for you and we cannot verify you have previously attended an Advanced Workshop, your request to join will be denied.
Please Facebook message "Encephalon Dispenza" if your Facebook name is different from your actual name if you choose to join.


Joe Dispenza en Español

This is our official page for our Spanish students.


Dr. Joe Dispenza - Deutschland

This is our official page for our German Students

Dr. Joe Dispenza Europe

This is a page for our European Students



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