Charitable Campaigns
7 Days of Giving

Blanket Drive

Dr. Dispenza started the blanket drive in 2014 with the goal of collecting 100 blankets to benefit a local homeless shelter. Hundreds of people contributed and by the end of the five day event more than 1,000 blankets had been collected! Dr. Dispenza matched this total with another 1,000! A grand total of 2,000 blankets were distributed to homeless shelters across the United States.

2015's drive was even more impressive, raising almost $18,000 worth of blankets, socks and gloves. click here for details

We have completed our Blanket Drive for this year and we will announce the next one in December 2016.

Seeds of the Future

Book Drive

Education is key to creating a better life and books are one way children learn. The Seeds of the Future fundraiser helps connect low-income, preschool aged children to quality reading material. Dr. Joe has partnered with the non-profit organization First Book to distribute books to kids around the country. The inaugural fundraiser collected almost $14,000 with $8,000 coming from individual contributors and another $5,000 from Dr. Dispenza. These funds will be distributed as grants to schools and programs in seven different states across the United States. As this annual fundraiser grows, Dr. Joe hopes to provide children around the world with much needed books.

Here are some photos of the books that were donated in our most recent drive. click here

We have completed our Book Drive for this year and we will announce the next one in Sept 2016.

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